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ONLY working with AGENCY Models & PUBLISHED Photographers on paid magazine assignments. NOT styling shoots for submissions at this time. PAID testing. NO TFP's. Always looking to network with and showcase NEW DESIGNERS.

Website: www.fashionstylistmichelle.dphoto.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FashionStylistMichelleWashington
Twitter: www.twitter.com/StylistMichelle
Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/fashionstylistmichelle

BOOKINGS Contact: Manchester Public Relations www.manchesterpublicrelations.com

I am a VERY ORGANIZED PROFESSIONAL. I am NOT a hack, or hobbyist...this is my FULLTIME career. Don't ask me to "dabble" as a MUA or do Hair. I am NOT an unfocused "Jack of all traits" nor am I a "personal shopper"...I AM a focused Fashion Stylist. Colleges trust my talent to currently teach what I do to future fashion professionals. As well as having an extensive Fashion Design education and international fashion travel...I have been a Designer working for prominent fashion labels both domestic and international. I know fit, color, shaping, body contour, texture, patterns, sewing construction, artistic concepts, and art direction. I bring my A-Game, my 200%, and clients are never disappointed.


Accomplished Fashion Travel (lived in NYC & Asia):
*New York
*Las Vegas
*Hong Kong
Published by the following:
*UCE Magazine
*W25 Magazine (www.W25mag.com)
*Mami Magazine (www.mamimagazine.com)
*Mallard Magazine (www.mallardmag.com)
*Iconography Magazine/COVER (www.iconographythemagazine.com)
*Stilo Magazine
*HiFash Magazine (www.hifashmagazine.com)
*Ghubar Magazine (www.ghubar-magazine.com)
*Dimension Magazine
*TV: Project Runway All-Star Challenge/2009--Korto Momolu
*Favor Magazine
*Sister 2 Sister Magazine
*614 Magazine (www.614columbus.com)
*Fashion Icons
*Style-ology Magazine
*Allezom Magazine
*Suite Tea Magazine
*Papierdoll Fashion Magazine
*African Vibes Magazine
*YMIB Magazine
*Haute Fashion Nigeria Magazine
*Karama Umuntu Magazine
*C-Bus Magazine
*City Scene Magazine


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Amazing creativity, have a great new year!
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