About Me

Ive always been asked to be a model ever since I was a little girl, never really looked into it, but I would like to try it someday. I was also really close on becoming one.. but was scared.. i have no idea why, Now I wanna see if I got any luck like before :)
IMPORTANT! I have NO Experience what so ever! But of course I am willing to learn!


14 Aug 12 17:15
Hi, I see that you have some good potential. Let's shoot, I can teach you whatever you may need to know.
04 Aug 12 05:22
Welcome. Let's shoot sometime.
01 Aug 12 16:03
Welcome to iStudio. Let me know if you'd like to get some shots with an edge done.
31 Jul 12 04:55
Welcome to iStudio. Wish you lived locally so we could shoot. Wait, you don't live that far away.
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