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About Me

I fell in love with photography when I was in High School. A friend of mine lent me his SLR one summer and I was hooked. Photography to me is about telling a story... About painting a picture... About whispering a secret... My struggle is to produce images that are beautiful and well composed but also that have meaning... That ring with the sound of my voice.

I primarily shoot digitally but on occasion will use my film cameras to shoot black and white. I enjoy darkroom down time….nothing like getting my hands dirty developing film or prints…I have this love/hate relationship with Photoshop. I think its a wonderfully powerful tool and can be used quite creatively. BUT using Photoshop to blur out natural pores and textures in faces (leaving the eyes and lips focused and detailed) or filters that make it look like your lens was smudged make up one of my biggest peeves...

I am always looking to expand my portfolio. I would love to find models that are willing to trade their time for images. My interests are varied. I am open to almost anything. I use a studio on the northwest side of Chicago but am open to shooting on location, outside or even at your home. To me the idea or concept is most important. It’s my job to serve that.

Lately I have been getting into the Hollywood starlet photos from the 30s and 40s. Also would love to explore the Vargas type of pin up photo. But again, I am open to collaboration. If you have an image or idea you want to explore, I would love to work with you.