About Me

NO FLAKES PLEASE!! I'm trying to cut down on my flake intake.

I've been doing this too long for any bullshit, so there you go.
14 years of hot people and counting! I enjoy photography, a lot.
It's a Zen thing with me, Oneness with The Universe and all that. I do this for a living but the BIG secret is, I'd do it anyway. Money has and always will be a secondary issue for me.

That being said, TF* is cool as long as I feel you can add to my port. If not, my rates are very reasonable, and I shoot a lot of frames.

Yes, I do a lot of nudes right now, but stuff with clothes is always on the go too. Just has to be the right clothes, I'm picky that way. My feeling is that nothing should be off the table to start with. Don't start your conversation with me telling me what you WON'T do, we won't have another conversation.
All I ask for is an open mind. I will never spring partial, implied, or full nudity on someone halfway through a shoot. Everyone involved will know what's going on well before the day.

Pretty horses and hot people, that's my life. I work part time at Woodbine Racetrack with the Thoroughbred photographer. when I'm not there i like to be shooting people, if not I'm on my bike and photgraphing the local wildlife (4 legged and winged variety)
which you can see at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gotnomarbles



17 Apr 14 22:56
Amazing port!
06 Oct 11 11:06
nice port buds.
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