About Me

It all started for me in HS, while taking "photo 1" class (using an old German 35mm view-finder) ... When I first exposed a sheet of photo paper, then agitated it in the developer, and watched the image slowly appeared, I was hooked!

After I joined the Army and finished boot camp, I bought my first 35mm SLR (a Canon AE1-P) and carried it to Germany, South Korea, and across the USA.

Then, when I got out of the Army, my father introduced me to the joys of 'medium format' with his Mamiya C220 TLR... shortly there after, I purchased a used Hasselblad 500EL (God, I LOVE that camera!!!)

I still take my 'Hassy' out for walks, on special occasions ...

For quite a few years, I was using 5mp Sony Mavica ... But recently, I've upgraded to a Nikon D3100 camera :-) Soooooooooo, I'm looking for more vict ... errrrrr ... models to try it out on!! ;-)

I'm an 'advanced amateur' photographer, looking for local models interested in Casual, Swimsuit, Glamour, Retro-Glamour, Pin Up, 'implied' or nude TFP work.

What's in a Name ...

For those of you out there curious about my "pose4megrl" name, it all started in the mid 90's, when 'AOL' ruled the internet ... (and having 4 Mega-bites on your PC's hard drive was ALOT!) LOL

Back then, you were limited to ten letters in your screen name ... Since I had been interested in photography for ALONG time (and figured that the internet would be a good way to connect with prospective models), I wanted a name that would convey the idea that I was a photographer looking for models.

I came up with "pose for me", but since I was only interested in working with females, that would "leave the door open" for male models ... Sooo, I opted on "pose for me, girl" (What can I say, I'm not too proud to beg!)

Realizing that that was too many spaces, I had to truncate it, and since commas were not allowed, settled on "pose4megrl" ... And the rest, as they say, in history.

Themes/Ideas that I'd like to shoot:

Bathing in Barrel ... have barrel, need Girl
Car Wash ... have hose, bucket and dirty car, need Girl
Cowgirl/Western ... have saddle, need Cowgirl
Daisy Dukes ... need Girl in Short Shorts
Military ... have various gear, need Adventurous Girl
Naughty Nurse ... have stethoscope, need Naughty Nurse
Naughty Librarian ... know of a nice library, need Naughty Librarian
Naughty School Girl ... IF you look under age, BRING YOUR ID!!
Shower ... We'll need to shoot using YOUR shower, 'cause mine sucks!
Wet T-Shirt ... have water, need Girl in T-Shirt ;-P



NIN Addict *
Niju Kazuki *
Pa Phab **
Lovely Mien ********
Hanako Matsuyama *
Cynthia Little *
Meika Dezz *
Miss C *
Bianca Eva R *
Mimi Huynh *
Anna Badalyan *
Miss Krizia *
Cassidy K. **********
Alyssa H. *
Bernice Leslie *
Irina Mulyar *
Alicia *******
Lisett M. **
Latasha S. *
Nirmala N. *
Jimin K. *
Vanessa *
Kirsten *
Klair *
Carol *
Sandra *