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The best teachers are those who show you where to look,
but don't tell you what to see.

Those words speak so eloquently to photography, especially in terms of photographers whom other photographers might choose to learn something from.

Photography isn't merely about capturing who or what is in front of you and your camera.
It's about what you see and how you perceive those things in front of you.

Photography is my passion.
1. I love that it makes me feel like an artist.
2. I love that I can create something that has never been seen before.
3. I love the satisfaction and joy I feel in my heart when a shot turns out just as I'd planned it.
4. I love that the special light that we all chase, can make something ordinary look kinda magical.
5. I love that when I leave my house with my camera, I may come back with something completely new. It makes me giddy kind of like a school boy...

I LOVE how dynamic and flexible we can be with photography.
You can take one base, RAW image, make a JPEG out of it. 1 month later you can take the same RAW image and make something entirely different out of it.
You can't do that with a sculpture or painting while retaining the original...

For me photography is a chance to take a little piece of today and save it for tomorrow.
Every time I look at the pictures I've taken, I am taken back in time to another place.
I relive that moment in time, every time I look at it.


01 Mar 14 16:48
Nice port!
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