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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:110 lbs
Measurements:32-25-35 in
Shoe Size:7
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Medium
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:Tanned
Join:4 Sep 2008

About Me

21 YEARS OLD >CONFIDENT and OUTGOING, loves to giggle and make others laugh. WELL MANERED please and thank yous are free and go a long way!She loves her baby boy Jake aka Sproggle LAID BACK but it doesnt take much to upset her. Shes always thinking, her mind is on a constant overload. >Her clothes represent 'HER'- BRIGHT, OUTGOING and UNIQUE. >Her hair makes a statement and screams
>Shes a DANCER, this is her way of expressing herself >She has alot of SELF CONFIDENCE but is in no way arrogant >Shes HONEST and CARING, KIND, and GENEROUS, she would never intentionally hurt you but doesnt take any shit. >She was bullied at school but this has made her a STRONGER person! >Shes very OPEN and OPINIONATED, although not the sharpest tool in the box this doesnt make her stupid. She gets easily angered by the smallest things, She gets jealous easily but sees this as a strenth as it makes her strive to be even even better, >Shes's far from perfect but try's her hardest to be as close as she can! >She RESPECTS leaders and PITTYS the followers. >She doesnt like to be patronised she doesnt like to be ignored.
Her Likes
>Dancing- (Tap,Ballet,Modern,Jazz,Freestyle,Acrobatics,Caberet,Hip-Hop), FASHION-Funky,Retro,Vintage,Oversized,Undersized,Hip and Happening clothes,Pirates,Jem and the holograms,Compliments,Being Unique,Coloured Denim,Cuddles,Ciggerettes,Homersexuals,Pretty Girls,Sexy Underwear,Dressing Up,Outragous Make-up,Confidence,Big hair,False Eyelashes, Boobs, Bums,legs,Backs,Teeth, Tits and Talent!Perfume,Hot guys in bands (Tatoos and Piercing=yes please),Being in love (dont hurt her she's very fragile),Politness,Money,Animals,Sleeping,Kerrang radio,Presents,Being infront and behind a camera,Random Drives in Seans car,Last minute plan=excellent nights,Waking up with jake eveyday!Being loved,being appreciated,being noticed,being unique And making her mommy proud of her!
Her Dislikes
Cold,wind and rain makes her sad,Lack of snobs fundage,Rude people,Patronisation,Being tired,Working in retail is the sporn of evil,Having the perfect outfit and then realising you dont have a bag to match,She is easily bored and doesnt like to be alone,Not getting her own way,She thinks people who are cruel to animals deserve to be shot.
Her Hates
She HATES the fact that her dad lives in America,She HATES the fact that she is not healthy,She HATES people who rip off other people (Get your own style)She HATES That she is 20 and hasn't got her ass living in London yet! She HATES bullies and believes they do it to make themselves feel better because they FELL FROM THE UGLY TREE AND HIT EVERY BRANCH ON THE WAY DOWN!