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....Basic Retouch - Medium Retouch - Advanced Retouch - Deluxe Services..
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The prices

*Basic retouch 2$ USD
*Medium retouch 4$ USD
*Advanced retouch 8$ USD
*Fantasy photo $15 USD Min


Who we are

We are team of highly skilled designers with artistic educations and years experience in the photo retouching industry we have more than 10 years expertise with photo editing and photo restoration designed to help you, and always surprise clients with quality photo editing and restoration, we skilled at doing image cut-outs of products for catalogs, our clients include professional photographers, amateur photographers and fashion models and the general public, you will receive excellent quality work and our prices will fit your budget

What we do

Our Website http://www.TopRetouch.com service includes all kind of image processing: photo editing, photo restoration, and photo colorizing, remove wrinkles and blemishes, smooth skin, whiten teeth, remove teeth gaps, fix hair, and apply make-up we are also working wedding photo retouching, we help with photo retouching to remove double-chins, fix belly and love handles, slim face and body, and reshape your body, you can also get a simple touch up photo or complex retouching, And you can choose the style you would like your photo to be, the natural style without visible retouch or glamour retouching, such as found on gloss magazine covers, often our customers order the product photo retouching, you benefit from our wide experience with photo retouching for advertisements, websites and catalogues , as well as editing of auction photos, business sales pictures and commercial photos, we can do everything you need retouch jewelry, clothes, shoes, bags, retouch homes, cars, cycles and other items for sale, also we do any kind of photo manipulation, create photo collage or photo montage, change background, add or remove items, mix photos and many more, also we provide any kind of photo editing and retouching that is not listed.

Why our website www.TopRetouch.com

First our service has a high value for anyone, from the business owner to the family that loves quality photo editing, restoration, and colorizing, we offer a low price for high quality retouching to save you time, and gives proof of how we do photo retouching and restoration, The online system has a friendly interface, and you can easily make an order for photo retouching or restoration, there is no risk You get a free preview of the retouched images to make sure you're satisfied. and you must pay only after you approve our retouching.

We're always happy to work with new customers, to show you exactly how much we can improve photos, and most importantly how fast we can work for great rates



08 Jun 15 11:10
Nice work
20 Jan 14 11:40
oh and thank you for your comment and not a service pitch.. When retouchers pitch their services to me, it only demonstrates that although i do minimal retouching on my photos, clearly most of the imagery is complete right out of the camera..
20 Jan 14 11:34
Qualified retouchers are actually rare, great to see you on here, No shortage of photos who don't realize they need your services.. Keep it up!
20 Jan 14 11:21
Thanks for the lovely tag. Great port! Best of luck to you :)
26 Oct 13 07:48
Thank you for the nice compliment.
26 Oct 13 06:32
Good port !
18 Oct 13 22:59
Thank you for the FR and photo comment :) x
01 Aug 13 00:21
Thanks for The friendship. Loved ur beautiful port
22 Mar 13 19:33
thanks for the fr.. nice port** ~nexi
13 Mar 13 18:46
Thanks for the FR! Read my profile & have a blessed day! Join My fitness fan page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dawn-Obrien-Fitness-Fanpage/211879965536443 and my twitter page-https://twitter.com/flfitnessmodel
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