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About Me

Let's just be honest, I like to take pictures of pretty girls. I like to have fun and not take myself too seriously.

Let's join $$ and bring some pretty girls from far off lands to photograph. Message me.

New Rules... We will go through the images immediately after the shoot and you can pick your favorites that I will edit... It takes me far to long to turn around images... hopefully this will help 0

Let's shoot... I'm bored...

Photographer + Model // Creative Kick In The Ass Group
The group is intended for photographers and models to get together and give each other a creative kick in the ass. The goal is to pool a group of professional photographers and combine resources to bring a model to town. The idea is to limit each meet-up to 2-3 photographers and split the models day rate and traveling expenses. This meet-up is not intended to be a "group shoot", each photographer would have their own time with the model.