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*****Attention Makeup Artist****** I need you for events! Please email me ASAP! Friend Me! Join my Meet up Group! I need people who can do Hair and Makeup!

What Dee has to say-
I am a Female photographer who has worked in the legit world of modeling and acting. I have a great reputation and always do my best to keep my reputation I have worked hard to get. Respected by Celebs, Producers and Crew.

Attention: Models/Makeup Artist
If you would like to be able to compete in the biz you need to have a solid professional look and presentation. I am here to help you create it and make you ready for success. I am doing monthly portfolio shoots, email me today!

Who is Dee?
Celebrity Makeup Artist/Stylist with Oscar and Golden Globe winning movie credits, turned Photographer. Creative Director, Licensed Esthetician Business/Relationship Coach, and Image and Brand Creator is the brains behind The Power of Secrets - Studio D. Dee has worked with everyone from brides to salon owners to CEO's to rock stars. She studied journalism and photography and an has ran her own busness for 25 years. She is the queen of Self-Promotion.

Dee began in the Beauty Industry as an Esthetician. She was trained in sales by some of the best in the business. Success in the Beauty Industry is based on your ability to of the best in the business. Success in the Beauty Industry is based on your ability to sell.....yourself first and your product second. She built a business without paying for advertising, through word or mouth, client rewards and telemarketing.

Dee, then transitioned in the Entertainment industry as a makeup artist and sylist. She quickly became recognized as Personal Artist to High Profile clients. Celebrity Stlylist and Image Creator with Oscar/Golden Globe winning movies credits. Image Development was the next step, creating the public persona for bands, actor, politicians and public figures. Her innate eye and uncanny ability to see what is the best asset to put forward to grab the attention of your audience, makes her an invaluable component to your success. She doesn't just think outside the box, she lives outside the box.
To complete the package for many of her clients Dee added another component to services. She began Coaching Life/Businesses, but quickly discovered it is troubles in your personal life that hold you back from achieving the goals and desires. She focuses on all aspects that hold you back, personal and professional. Her specialty is Getting you noticed and remembered in the minds of producers, casting agents and the public.

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Kahnie Kole - Image Development
Nisha - Image Development
F5 Band (former Megadeath members) - Image Development/Creative Director (album jacket)
Pensacola Wings of Gold - TV Syndicated Series
Fashionably LA - Feature Film Independent

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