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About Me

I've been a photographer for 10 years now working with over 90 models in that time involving many repeat shoots for the same model. During that time, its involved working with first time amateur models who have gone on to professional modelling.

I am after male models aged between 18-21 (as a rough guide) to pose barefooted in front of camera, wearing trendy clothes and with a neat hair style. The requirements for the shoot location is a public place like a beach or park in the model's town or city (to save their travel costs). The location requires somewhere for the model to sit such as a park bench but that is pretty much all thats required.

During the 10 years, I have done photoshoots in many different towns and cities predominantly in the south and south west of England.

The pictures have an urban feel to them but because many photoshoots occur in parks, the model may get mud on them (if they sit on the grass). This maybe unsuitable for certain models.

My style of photography is different to whats is seen for a lot of photoshoots. Instead of trying to perfect every shot (which may take time), I work on quantity instead of individual quality. General guidance is given to the model on typical poses but it is then down to the models natural look to come through. There is no pressure on the model to deliver good pictures. This style provides a relaxed atmosphere for the photoshoot.

The theory is that out of 100 pictures, 94 maybe bad, but 6 would be at a level that direction could not achieve with the aim that the model will suddenly show a pose or look without realising it. This has worked very well over the 10 years and I haven't had a single photoshoot in this time where I haven't learn something.

As the photoshoots take place outdoors, a lot depends on the weather. I have done photoshoots before in the snow but rain, without suitable shelter, can hinder any attempts to continue with the shoot. This will be discussed individually with the model after a photoshoot has been booked.

The photoshoot typically lasts for 2-3 hours and due to light levels, I try and aim to start the shoot at midday (to get the maximum sunlight).

I only work with adult models and as a result require ID to be shown at the shoot.


09 Jan 13 16:17
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