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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:130 lbs
Measurements:36-27-36 in
Shoe Size:8
Hair Color:Blonde
Hair Length:Medium
Eye Color:Blue
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:Tanned
Join:6 Oct 2009

About Me


(interview with Eric Moore)

Jessie DeVille is a beautiful tattooed vixen from Northern California and has been featured in several tattoo magazines and has graced numerous magazine covers all over the world. She is sought out globally by photographers for her unique look and killer presence in front of a lens! DeVille has a look all her own…with tattoos galore and sex appeal that would make your mom blush!

Originally from South Florida, she began her modeling career at an early age in Miami, FL and later moved to Northern California and continued her modeling career along with doing hair and make up.

After spending some time in Southern California to complete school, furthering her experience with hair and make up, DeVille returned to what she calls, "the simple life" of Northern California.

She now runs her own bar and music venue with her husband and when she is not hosting some of the most rocking bands that NorCal has to offer she is in front of the lens shooting with some of the hottest fashions, coolest cars and bikes in California.

I was lucky to get a chance to have a conversation with NorCal's greatest canvas!

So Jessie was there one particular moment that got you to move away from model hotspot southern California?

+It was so expensive to live in southern cali, The traffic is not fun either. Nor Cal has been good to me but I would like to move back down south one of these days...
Maybe try San Diego.

So what is a “normal” day in the life of Jessie DeVille?

+I run my bar and do all the ordering and errands so you can usually find me at the bar during the day. I have 2 little dogs one is an English Bulldog named Cherry Bomb and the other is a Chihuahua mix named Elvis. When I'm not at the bar I'm usually hanging with the dogs at the park or riding beach cruizers with my hubby.

What’s been your favorite shoot thus far?

+Pretty much anything I shoot with Gary Roberts, we always have a good time and the photos always come out amazing.

I noticed that you're a Villain Girl on has that experience been for you?

+I don't run that site, I'm not really sure who does. lol...
Villain Girls has been a good networking site for me.

So…your tattoos…would you say that your tats have helped you in your modeling career?

+That's pretty much my major focus...Tattoo modeling is what I do
So I would say definitely! LOL

How many hours have you spent “under the needles?”

+I don't even know....ALOTTTTTT!!!
I stopped counting after my first sleeve.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?

+Way too young to be getting
I think I was like 15, I got matching heart tattoos with 2 of
my girlfriends. They were horrible and looked like rotten tomatoes. LOL...
Covered now with the cherries on my chest.

Do you have a favorite tattoo?

+I really love my black n gray virgin mary on my upper right arm. I want to get more black n gray work eventually....
Maybe a Marilyn Monroe portrait?

Is there a particular style of shoot you haven’t done yet but have always wanted to?

+PLAYBOY!!! I would love to be part of a heavily tattooed edition of playboy...if Hef would ever do something like that.
Playboy is the only "nudie" photos I would ever be interested in doing...
Hef if you're reading...MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

So the bar…how’d did you get that started?

+My husband and I love rock n roll we always wanted a music venue, he is the drummer of legendary skate punk band "The Faction."

(When she isn't melting a camera lens. Jessie DeVille can be found running a music venue and bar that she owns with her husband.)

Where all have you been featured?

+Tattoo Magazines internationally....
UK, US, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic,
OL Skool Rodz Magazine
Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine
And I have a bunch of upcoming publications but they are top secret I cant talk about them yet... LOL

What’s next for Jessie DeVille? Where will we see you next?

+You never know.....I'm pretty unpredictable!!!
Leave to the imagination.... ;)wink, wink!

interview credit: Eric Moore