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S T E L L A __ G

(Singer - Celebrity - FashionIcon)

Stella G is a diversed entertainer, who not only impresses audiences with her vocal ability, but also as a model, songwriter, and Keyboardist!. Her career started when she was a mere two years of age, while performing at the Scream Factory in (Frankfurt), Germany.

Stella G continued her musical career by performing with such noteable groups as the "Prosechos", based in Germany, and "Polygon" from the United States.
Because of her talent and demand while performing with the group, She matured and quickly surpassed the elements within the group, and embarked upon a solo career. As a Solo Artist, her performances included, but are not limited to Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Dubai, and other locations throughout the United States. Her initial album release, "Cosmec Energy" was released earlier this year in April 2012. Stella G has positioned herself as an international artist and has gained the interest of individual record labels and entertainment specialist.

What separates this international powerhouse is her unique sound, appearance, stage show, and her ability to attract new fans. Her sound can be defined as a techno, european feel; laced with powerful messages; massaged into rhythmic and sultry lyrics. Your ears need a sound that is rich and pure, your body needs to feel the sensation to move, and your heart wants to embrance a feeling of tranquility and peace. Stella G takes you to that place where the sound, presentation, and the experience, leaves you breathless! Stella G has built a reputation as one of the most sought after entertainers this decade!

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Album Cover - Release Date: April 2012
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,,C O S M I C E N E R G Y,,
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