Gabriella Dawn - The Waterfall
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:125 lbs
Measurements:36-27-38 in
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Join:1 Nov 2009

About Me

Modeling can and should be fun but this is one of my jobs and i take it seriously. I am professional and as such expect a professional approach in return. I have been mainly working in the gothic/fantasy genre. I frequent Keywest Florida for underwater work and am always looking for underwater photographers. I am willing to do a variety of work, from fashion and non nude glamour, causal, artistic, fantasy, pin-up to underwater. I am okay with Erotic however please be aware that I am NOT interested in doing PORN. If you're wanting those type of shots find another model.

I am currently seeking paid work, HOWEVER if you have a great idea or interesting/weird/super idea and want to do TFCD/P don't hesitate to ask me. I am pretty laid back and easy going, i am always up for different/ creative stuff. I LOVE working in nature and doing out of the box material.

RATES: typically 20 per hr fashion/non nude glamour, 50 per hr fine art nude/ nude glamour. Things like underwater and other non-norm stuff (like bondage) have a higher rates, these jobs are not only more difficult physically, but typically carry a higher degree of danger or injury. I am up for most challenges.

Please be aware that my rates ARE negotiable, and you'll find me pretty willing to work with you on rates that works for your budget. (I understand that everyone is on a budget these days).

Please be aware that I enjoy the prints and disk i receve from photographers and like to hang them up in my home from time to time and I love to post them on my online portfolios as well as print them and put them in my hard copy portfolio. I prefer finish photo's and prints of the best shots for my book done by the photographer as well as a CD (jpeg) for online use but am willing to negotiate.

~ I do not require to receive all raw images. I can understand why some photographers are not willing to do that. What I do request is (at the very least) 5-10 of the best, finished images in full-sized format. I DO want jpeg img for online use.
~ Pictures are not necessary if I receive tearsheets and publication!
~ Written permission to use images for any and all personal projects (calendars, contests, magazine submissions, flyers, and my new website). I also reserve the right to sell Pictures to my fans.

I can't really say I have a defined style. I'm pretty much what I want to be when I want to be it. Fashion and beauty should not be limited to titles. I've got that hour glass figure and about 8 tattoos, so Photoshop better be a skill of yours if you're not into those.

The Know:
- Just for the record, I am an actress. I'd say I'm more of an actress than a model, but right now I'm doing more modeling than anything. Have been acting since age 4 or 5. Was in competitive theatre all through high school and finished off my senior year as an Honor Thespian received my Masters in Theatre at ACU. It's true. So note that when you book me you know you're in for a helluva good time.
More than just a face here, folks.

TRAVEL: (outside the NW Arkansas area) I am willing to travel. However I expect ALL travel expenses to be paid for especially if I am doing a TFCD with you. Unless prior arrangements have been made. (I do have a valid passport).

HAIR & MAKEUP: As I usually travel in the artistic circles I typically do not wear make up or 'fix' my hair. I am VERY good with Makeup, and travel with an MUA with notice. My hair is long and very curly naturally. If you want it straightened and do not have a stylist, I need to know 24 hours in advance so I can make sure my MUA is available. So PLEASE let me know in advance about your Hair & Makeup desires.

HAIR- Meaning pubic hair: I am shaved. Therefore: if you are wanting a more "natural" look you need to book me 4-6 weeks in advance so that it can grow out and there is an extra fee for this since it is time consuming for me. Unless you specificly request trimmed or natural I will come as I am.

CONTACT: The best way to contact me is email, or this site

WARDROBE Available for use: I have a large wardrobe with many styles. If there is a theme or something you are wanting to shoot please let me know if I'll be responsible for my own wardrobe or if it will be provided.

Yes I have them, one on each upper arm, both shoulder blades and one large one on the lower back. These can be photo shopped out however if you want them covered for a photo shoot let me know BEFORE I arrive because this takes lots of make up time!

- The extra credit is this one:
you + pictures delivered on time = we work again. you - pictures delivered months and months and decades later = never shooting again + bad ref from me to the world.

IDEAS I want to see realized:
1. Underwater Mermaid shots
2. shooting with a large snake, or any other animals (will NOT work with Spiders not negotiable).
3. I love working with textures. I have many other idea's but like to share them personally with photographers who share my vision.

I want to expand my profile and get very creative and crazy with it and make sure to leave room for traditional and glam shots as well. I don't really have a "style" I am really into experimentation with looks, shots, style and am very flexible to all sorts of new ideas.

I will do TFP with established photographers and those who can realize my creative style like no other!