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About Me

A little about me... My name is Steve, I've been taking photos since I was a little boy with a 110 instamatic camera. I like all styles of photography, so I don't have a "specialty" just a complete love for the craft.

Photography is my passion, my meditation and my chosen career (was for a while at least).

2004 - Started a home based business taking natural style people and pet portraits. FOREVER photography.
2007 - Branched out beyond my own walls and began working with models and actors with portfolio building and head shots, fashion and event work as well as commercial product work.
2008 - I put together an Artistic/Boudoir/Lingerie portfolio. Two reasons: 1) to inspire a commercial client that was brainstorming some ideas for a joint venture. 2) After being asked a few times if I could do lingerie or boudoir sessions and not having any images to prove it.
2009 - I decided to separate my commercial work from my more adult oriented images. I figured it would be best if someone's grandma was searching on my site for their family photos and didn't run across an image of a SoCal porn star in the process. Thus, FP AfterDark came into existence.

I could go on and on, but I figure you're probably wanting to see what my work looks like instead of listen to my history channel interview. LOL.

Thanks for checking out my profile, hope you enjoy the images I've captured and if you're ready or in need of some amazing new images for your profile, portfolio or your boyfriend's wallet, drop me a line, I'd love to help you out with some images that are as beautiful as you are and not have to break the bank getting them.

From Classy to Erotic, Trashy to Exotic and everything in between!
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