About Me

My name is May Rinn. I have always been interested in anything theatrical and am in no way camera shy. I graduated from beauty school in 2011 and absolutely love doing makeup. So there will also be no need for a makeup artist for any shoot! Give me a style and i can do it! =)
I have had only a few professional photographs taken and would love to expand my modeling career. I am very fun to work with! I have a lot of energy and i love to make sure everything is stress free for both me and the photographer!
I do have 6 tattoos so if that will be an issue at all please notify me! I look forward to working with new people!
I am on every day so there is a guaranteed response within 24 hours!

If you chose to work with me i would also like you to know that i am 100% reliable! I am not the type of person to cancel a shoot so when it is set...it's set!

Contacting Me
As for photographers contacting me. Please do NOT contact me unless you are 100% serious about wanting to shoot. Also, if i contact you and you do not like my style or my style is not for your portfolio, you will not hurt my feelings by saying "no thank you." Do not try to set something up and then cancel. I want to make sure you are serious about shooting.

--I DO NOT SHOOT NUDES. If you are looking for a model to shoot nudes for you then do NOT contact ME. I am sorry if this is an inconvenience for some photographers but nudity is not my style.

--I require an escort to be with me at every shoot. If i am not allowed to have an escort, please understand that i will not be working with you. My safety is my number one concern.

Paid Shoots
--Starting in spring my paid shoots will be my main priority. Please understand this if you are only willing to do TF shoots.

--The days i am free are Mondays and Wednesdays after 1pm
Thursdays and Friday's at any time.
I am NOT available on weekends because i work weekends. My apologies.

Makeup and Wardrobe
--I am my own MUA and i have an extensive wardrobe with many styles! Feel free to supply wardrobe or an MUA but it is NOT necessary! =)

If you want to see more pictures from shoots i have done they are all on my facebook modeling page that is linked at the top!