About Me

Originally from Ohio and moved to Los Angeles to pursue my Dancing and Modeling Career.
I am trained in many styles of dance such as Hip Hop, Freestyle, Jazz, Salsa and I am also a Choreographer.
I am fairly new to the Modelling Industry and am looking forward to getting out there and working!

Please view my photos and hit me up. I am Interested in:
Print, Fashion, Fit Modelling, Runway, Swimwear, Body Paint, Sports, Music Videos, Film, Theatre, Dance.

Look forward to working with you


Pep U Dancer Dir: Angela Lorenzo

Music Videos
Disney Summer Dance Principle Dancer Chor: Chucky Kaplow
Dutty Our Part 2 Dancer Chor: Mr. Lucky/Remy
Mindless Self Indulgence Dancer Freestyle

Live/Stage Performances
Queen of Hearts Dancer Chor: Kumari Suraj
Where Eyes Can See Dancer Chor: Lamesha VIne
Showcase Dance Out Dancer Chor: Cass Smith
Beach Girl 5 Dancer Chor: Kevin Maher
Silly Walks for Hunger Dancer Chor: Rich n Tone
Dancehall Groove Dancer Chor: Lorenzo
International Dance Gala Dancer Chor: Byron Carter
B.F. Reunion Dancer Chor: Byron Carter
Hubbard Humanimals Dancer Chor: Missy Zimmer/Andrew Hubb.
Collection Complete Dancer Chor: Missy Zimmer/Andrew Hubb.
Choreo. Collex Dancer Chor: Missy Zimmer/Andrew Hubb.
Six Flags Great America Dancer Chor: Dwight Jordan

Bootsy Collins Industrial Dancer Chor: Missy Zimmer/Andrew Hubb.
The Graduation Industrial Dancer Chor: Mr. Lucky/Remy
Jungle Fever Industrial Dancer Chor: Missy Zimmer/Andrew Hubb.

Phineas and Ferb Disney Sum. Dancer Chor: Chucky Kaplow

Dance: Debbie Reynolds Studio, Millenium, Edge-Kennis Marquis, Chuck Maldonado, Jaquel Knight, Gustavo, Kevin Maher,etc.
Pulse Scholarship (Chicago), Midwest Moves Scholarship (Columbus)

Special Skills
Stepping/Hopping (Omega Psi Phi Frat.), Football, Track & Field, Basketball, Wrestling, Soccer, Rollerblading, Swimming, Cycling, Baseball


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