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ebb -
1. the flowing back of the tide as the water returns to the sea.
2. a flowing backward or away; decline or decay.

fauna -
1. the animals of a given region or period considered as a whole.

● the d-l ●
I am interested in almost any proposed shoot, and will collaborate to create a pleasing result for all parties involved.

Imaginative & open minded. My goal is to design a diverse, sprightly portfolio with dashes of dark & the obscure.. making sure to have some laughs & meet wonderful people along the way. I don't take life too seriously, and hope you don't, either!

My experience is limited but am open to suggestion, assistance and constructive criticism to improve. If you feel we can create something striking together, I would love to hear from you. Content to climb, crawl, contort, balance, flail, dance, jump, or whatever is needed in to achieve a desired end result/concept.

Fairly apt as self MUA/H, and constantly expanding my know-how.

If you have an inspirational, unique or quirky idea that intertwines with nudity/implied, let me know. Otherwise, I may be subject to being particular & compensation may apply.

Travel - Victoria or surrounding area's, pending time and transport/compensation.

3 face piercings (ear lobes, labret)
Yin-yang tattoo on back of neck
Visible but unassertive scarring on back right calf due to fire-related accident.
(Inquire if you desire/require photo reference)
.. can & will remove/cover if desired.

● Would love to shoot ●
Underwater/water, animal/reptile accompanied, anything funky & "out-of-the-box", paired/multi shoots. I have quite the affection for extreme makeup, airbrushing and body paint. Fantasy & middle earth themes really turn my gears.

* Note on FR *
I do appreciate the sentiment, but at this point, I am only accepting from those I have worked with, going to be working with in near future, or within my relative area. Messages, tags & comments work well in place.
- - - - -

Queries? Don't be shy.


● Photographers
Breanne Pfeifer Photography x 6+
Diniz Pereira/AMO Photography x 3 (MM #1073474)
GThomas Muir Photography
Steve Lukinuk (MM #817574)
Copperleaf Photography (MM #863179)

Kristin Grant/URBANHEART x 2
Vass Visual x 2
Jenny Denluck (MM #900912)

● Hair Stylist's
Jen Milden (MM#2465213) x 2
Cameo Vicioux
Vass Visual
Dreaming in Dimensions (MM #1702085)


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20 Mar 13 23:02
I love your diversity. Great portfolio.
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