About Me

Adam Willson is a Canadian photographer, specializing in event, travel and commercial photography as well as model portfolio development.

Adam is an avid photography enthusiast and has been for a number of years. His work has appeared in various media including calendars, postcards, magazines, and web sites. He has been commissioned for event photography, culinary photography, portfolio development (headshots / fashion / glamour), magazine and newspaper photography, and custom projects.

Reasonable Rates

- Please inquire for specific details and conditions.
- Available for portfolio development and custom projects.
- Select TFP/CD projects conducted occasionally.

Strict Conditions

- No drugs, alcohol, or substance abuse before/during a shoot.
- Model release form and/or contract signed.
- Government-issued Photo ID required (for any type of shoot).
- Models under 18 are required to have a parent or guardian present.
- ONE Friend/Escort welcome (so long as they are not creepy/invasive).

Updates (Q1, 2009)

- Currently available for commercial commissions.
- Currently available for model portfolio development.


Below is a brief list of some of the wonderful people I have worked with over the past few years. They're listed in no particular order. If you're thinking you should be on this list, but aren't - please shoot me a message!

Models (Past Shoots):

(x 8) Britney (MM #27742)
(x 1) Dani Boyer (MM #556376)
(x 3) Danalee (MM #9956)
(x 1) Kelly Touvongsa (MM #471061)
(x 1) Erica Chiaki (MM #110477)
(x 1) Tiarah L (MM #542746)
(x 1) Brianna Gomm (MM #532229)
(x 1) Serena S (MM #441265)
(x 1) Moraru (MM #172301)
(x 1) Rob Kotlowski (MM #553627)
(x 1) Reema (MM #139132)
(x 1) Michelle Vymenets (MM #55729)
(x 1) Rhonda Marie (MM #714646)
(x 2) Carolyn W. (No MM #)
(x 1) Suzy (No MM #)
(x 2) Laura K. (No MM #)
(x 2) Erin G. (No MM #)
(x 2) Jennifer S. (No MM #)
(x 2) Jasmine D. (No MM #)


Christopher Bell (MM #431229)
Antidoltist (MM #670121)


Danalee (MM #9956)