About Me

Hi everyone ...

My name is Evan. I am an Indonesian. Currently, i live in Bali. I have moved to Bali from Jakarta a year ago. I work here in Bali as a Internal Medicine Resident in Sanglah Hospital, Denpasar. It is the largest hospital in Bali.

Aside from my other job as am Internal Medicine Residence, i also work as a photographer. I have been into photography since 3 years ago. I love all kinds of photography but my specialties are fashion and pre-wedding photography. I have made several international published photos in one of the largest and the best international curated photo gallery named one exposure.com (www.1x.com). I am quite proud of that.

Despite all my experiences, i am still eager to learn. I believe that there are still a lot to learn in photography. If you guys are interested to work with me as a model, make up artist, etc ... feel free to give a message :)

Best regards from Denpasar, Bali ...

Evan Pratama Ludirdja


08 Apr 14 15:07
Amazing port!
02 Apr 13 07:12
Excellent work !!!
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