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I am a photographer from indonesia, here I want to show the photographic work I have ever capture. both categories of models of glamor to the landscape. on this site I want to share and learn about photography with friends in various countries around the world.
camera compared to a guitar, of course, anybody can pluck the strings. But not necessarily able to play beautiful songs and pleasant. As soon as the camera, everyone can be menjeprat-snap the camera to produce an object image. But not everyone is able to produce works that capture impressive images. A photo will be full of scratches behind the colors and the composition of the picture.

When a photograph is the result of creative work of the photographer, of course there is the response of the beholders. Kartono Ryadi deceased, the veteran photographer in this country once remarked, that a good photograph is a photograph that has the shock of others. Views on how the value of a good photograph.