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About Me

I never dreamed I'd be a photographer...well I should say a photographer who gets paid:) I did have a dream when I was 12 to shoot for National Geographic...get sent to Hawaii, and have my first kiss under a waterfall there..... didn't happen:) But I wouldn't trade what HAS happened for anything! I started officially shooting about 10 years ago, and have been blessed to make something out of this talent ever since.

I'm based in Syracuse Utah, and I can truly say...I love what I do! I know and understand that my business and success has only come to me because of you, my clients, and God, who everyday reminds me of His love :) Because of this I try my best at EVERY shoot to give you what you want. And if you dont know what you want...then that just makes it more fun. I do my best when I know I can be as creative as I want, and I dont have to worry about getting the perfect usually just sneaks up on you anyway:) I love the candid true-life kind of photography, but can also get you a great traditional image if that is what your after. I'm a bit of a romantic, and I hope my pictures reflect that. I also think fun and energy make a great photo, and try to bring that to my shoots.

I'm not afraid of large family groups, or you families with a million little kids. I love a challenge, and I love family photograpy! I understand the frantic getting ready for pictures, and the kids who decide at the last second that they will NOT smile, even though you've been practicing it for days:) and the spilling of who knows what on their new clothes. Not to worry...I'm a great head-swapper, and digital clothes cleaner.