About Me

I'm an aspiring photographer...I considered myself as an Advance Hobbyist Photographer.

Some people dubbed me as a "Landscape Photographer", "Night Photographer" and "The HDR Guy"...hehehe...my pleasure i guess...maybe because i've started on those field of photography. But i'll do Macro Photography as well and i loved it. I've done 2 wedding gigs last May, it's tough but i gained more experience there...as what they've said if you want to be a good photographer, go to weddings coz you will tackle every aspect of photographer like Portraiture/Landscape/Macro/Fashion/Candid Shots and everything...and the hardest part is, there is no second try, you should be always sharp to capture the moment and not minding about the settings. It did hasten my skills actually.

My main target on photography is "Commercial"...where the money is...right?...hehehe (but just saying...i had a full-time job so i'm just doing this during my leisure time)

Wedding Photography : i loved doing this...i love the settings and everything, maybe because i'm an emotional guy...i love taking candid shots!...and family bond is way important to me.

Fashion Photography : i have a good eye in posing as what my friends told me...well maybe because i can easily identify stiffness...when the subject is not comfortable it will surely appear in the shots...

I have a different approach in Portraiture...i loved the more natural and alive looking photos than the super clean post-process photos.

Just better check my works on the photos.

My personality is easy-going that’s why I can get along with most people.

I'm unpredictable, I never know where I'm going until I get there, I'm so random, I'm never the same person twice. I'm always growing, learning, changing.


Just a beginner though...

Got my shots included in KICKPICS - Professional Martial Arts Photography Calendar for month December 2013.
Done 2 Wedding Events last May 2013.
My Island Hopping shots were used by our local municipality (Town in the Philippines) for there Tourist Campaign.

Wedding Photographer
Landscape Photographer
Night Photographer
Macro Photographer