About Me

Artist | Professional | Photographer | Humanist | Wanderer -

Portland, Oregon

"I Create Images of Women,
Designed for Men, and
Appreciated by Women."

I spend most of my time in the studio working with truly exceptional models from throughout the Northwest, the United States and Western Canada. Some are brand new to the world of modeling and in particular nude modeling, while others are highly accomplished professionals. Many are Professional Traveling Models passing through the Northwest. Of all the subjects I've photographed in this World, to me, photographing women has proven to be both the most challenging and the most rewarding.

Featuring Classic Glamour Nudes & Erotic Glamour Nudes

My style is more Minimalist in nature with an emphasis on the Model herself. Instead of elaborate sets or vague themes that the model is often just a part of, my images are an attempt to capture what I consider to be the true essence of each woman I work with. I work primarily with Glamour Nudes and Mild Erotic Nudes using non-stobe, High Key Lighting. I strive to pay homage to the classic Glamour images of photographers like Peter Gowland, David Hamilton as well as today's Peter Hurley.

I go to great lengths to showcase a model's sensual beauty, her sexual strengths and those special qualities that make each woman truly unique.