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My name is Nomad. I started in the entertainment industry back in 2006, but have been on a bit of a hiatus for a little while. I made a name for myself in several niches, but i'd like to expand my horizons and begin anew. While my primary focus has been the adult business in the past i am also interested in creating more of a long term path for myself. I'll certainly consider joint projects if they are of mutual benefit, but primarily i am available for hire for professional productions or for those needing an art model until i determine my optimum direction for the future.

I consider myself a hard worker and am allergic to drama. I have fun on set, but i like to know what's expected of me in advance so that i can deliver the best possible result. I'm quite open minded and very little would shock me so feel free to contact me with any obscure offers as i wont be judgmental of your interest or market.

I'm a laid back guy and tend to get along with everyone i've ever worked with. I take care of my mind and body and hope my project counterparts do the same :)

<small print>
I've been very thankful to have had very high end clientele in my journey so i'm expecting that all commercial or adult relevant gigs will come with commensurate compensation as i intend to bring my best and look my best at each shoot and hope to prove myself is a valuable asset to your projects as well.
</small print>

also i love tortillas lol


24 Feb 14 14:54
Nice port! Would love to see more :)
01 Jul 13 16:25
<3 O
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