Sean - Band promo - Radioactive Lactate 2012
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About Me

I have 18 years experience in the music industry, including the conceptual, copy writing, staging, photography and photo editing of materials used in an internationally-distributed catalog. I am also a published songwriter, author and have experience working in television and radio. I am a licensed radio engineer.

Currently, while suffering a repetitive motion injury (be careful typing and using a mouse!!!) I am in the planning stages of a solo recording release. I have the album concept and, in fact, am looking for a model!

I can do Photoshop work in exchange for various services or items. I am also a videographer (and I love using some of my Japanese Dorama (Drama) zoom-proximity tricks on cheesecake vids), audio producer and engineer. If anything, I can help flesh out ideas, organize and play with concepts so that you're better prepared to go and spend the bucks somewhere.

Time is our most valuable asset.


Promotions Manager - Crystavox
A&R, Catalog - Carvin & Basson Sound
Songwriter - "Your Love is Real" (Nora Aunor)
PA & Videographer - Studio 7 Music Videos, Channel 10 (internship)
Board Operator - KFMB-FM / KPRZ-AM
Audio production - Straight Ahead, MoonFlower, Uninvited Guest, Crystavox, Cloud Merchants, FITH
TV live crew - Carol Hasson's field co-ordinator (as intern)
Touring musician, recording artist.


19 Jul 13 00:25
Thanks for The friendship. Loved ur beautiful port , Wish we could collaborate together soon later
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