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About Me

When it comes to photography, in fact art in general, I’m happy to do just about anything so feel free to contact me for any kind of shoot you want to do and hopefully we’ll end up with something special.

But I also feel that the greatest impact of artistic creation is the inspiration and positive influence it can have on the viewer. So what I’m most passionate about in art is trying to find ways to create not just beauty but meaning. In my photography, I want to challenge myself to find images that don’t just look great, but say something. As such, most of the photography I do is for my own projects -- books, videos, blogs, narrative photo series, etc -- that attempt to convey ideas regarding how we see ourselves and others. My projects tend to promote physical self expression (hence "Body Language"), and confidence ("Strut" describes the attitude with which my work encourages that self expression).

Here are some of the major themes I try to get across in my work: self empowerment, individuality, body positivity, the universality of beauty, pro-diversity, and acceptance of others. I also try pushing back against things in our society I don’t find constructive, and to speak against things like repression, bullying, shame, judging of others, arbitrary social norms and taboos, and any means by which people are victimized or belittled or taken advantage of by others. In short, my projects seek to encourage people to thrive in who they are and to let others do the same.

For models willing to be involved in more explicit work, I also have projects that explore sex-positive themes, so for more information on those projects, please check out my profile on

In everything I do, regardless of how tame or wild, what we do is determined by the model’s comfort. My priority is making sure models feel safe, comfortable, respected, and appreciated. And the images we end up with are as much, or more, about what the model is expressing as it is about what I as the photographer am trying to express. So I want my models to feel like creative partners in the images we create together.

Whether you just want some photos to add to your portfolio, need a photographer for a specific project of your own, or would like to participate in one of my projects, I look forward to working with you and seeing what we can create together! Connect with me here, or email me at


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