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About Me

My name is Chris. I am 44 and I am more or less an "art" photographer". I work to combine my love of photography with my love of computers to create something new. I use High Dynamic Range techniques and various technologies and software to create images that reflect the way I often see the world. I began taking a more serious interest in photography about five years ago and have been using Photoshop to manipulate and restore images for well over a decade.

Several years ago catastrophic health issues forced me to dramatically change the pace of my life. I had to slow down and doing so changed the way I perceived the world around me. Most of my work has focused on landscapes and nature because the natural world has a cathartic quality about it and my photography has been a wonderful form of psychological, physical and spiritual therapy.

My education is in Psychology and Sociology and I have worked as a therapist with children, the developmentally disabled, and troubled teens. Perhaps because of my love of human beings and the way we interact with one another, I have been trying to focus more energy into photographing people. I want to learn more, create connections and develop a reputation as someone who is respectable and trustworthy. If I develop friendships along the way, that's an added bonus.

I can pay for time with images on CD. I shoot in RAW format. I do all post processing myself and will give you the edited photos in a high resolution JPEG format. I don't edit all the photos because some are simply not as high quality as others. If you wish to have all photos, they can be made available to you and I can certainly make them availabe in formats other than JPEG at your request.

There is a small sample of my work here but a larger portion of it can be viewed at

Thank you,

Chris Conway


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