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Want to work with me? It's easy. You have two options. Both start with a simple email, PM, or phone call.

Option A.
We work a trade. Many of my current projects aren't for the average model. And I have no problem acknowledging that. So we shoot one set for me and a second set for you. Many of my ideas allow a model to remain anonymous. If you pick this one, know that I do not allow escorts. If the sidekick has no vested interest in the shoot, then they have no business being around the shoot. If you need someone to play bodyguard, bring a MUA, hair or wardrobe stylist, or see option B.

Option B. Hire me. We shoot your idea and don't stop until you are happy with the results. You pick the photos to be retouched and how I handle them. A deposit will be required to lock in your date/time.

I am one of the few shooters in the area capable of shooting nearly anything. This is a great chance to get good use of that. And this is the only way that I will allow an escort on set.  
As of January 1st 2009, all models must bring two forms of ID. Expect the ID's to be photographed and expect to fill out a 2257 form in addition to my release. This is not open to discussion.

So much for that whole "Freedom of Speech" thing.
Due to new laws in place this year, I feel that this is the best course of action.

Yahoo IM: hilson.brian  


GoodWill's Dallas distribution center
Sake Pirate
Tei Tei Robata (new website coming soon)
Sebastian's Closet
Mercy Wine Bar
The Historic Anderson Building
Oscar Fierro
Operation Kindness
Paesano's Restaurant
3rd Eye Pimp
Credit Solutions


11 Jun 11 04:45
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