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I'm a freelance Videographer and Photographer. Most of my subject matter is sexy photography with women in competition swimsuits and olympic rubber style swimwear. We happen to find that our analytics reveal that the swimwear photos themselves are most visited when we photograph a woman wearing one of the swimsuits who is of asian decent.

We are hoping to expand our portfolio and are constantly looking to find models in our area who are interested in this niche photography. We are not searching for the glamour shot. We want the model who can present themselves as an athlete. A swimmer.

We are filming around Southern California and are shooting both in a controlled setting in a studio and also exterior shots around a pool or similar location. We are exploring using non-traditional settings as well as a test to see how it is received by our customer base.

We are not interested in hair and makeup productions so if you feel you want to part of this specialized photo style we are creating, please contact us.