Tim - Renaissance under lamplight
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About Me

So, I'm very much an amateur photographer, but I love taking a fleeting moment in the brief time of our existence, and immortalizing it for all time. I did not always realize my passion for photography, which is why I'm just getting into it now.

I've been drawing for many years, often from pictures I find here or there, taking little bits of styles and techniques to create something that is my own... Until recently, when I had an epiphany. Most of the time I wanted to draw something, I would take a picture of the subject matter (i.e. nature scene, animal, person, etc), so that I could draw whatever it was later. Before long, the pictures piled up, but I just couldn't get the spark for drawing to fire off.... because I was already satisfied with the pictures I had taken. I didn't need to improve upon or recreate something that was already there.

And thus, I find myself here, looking to reach out to other photographers and models alike, to collaborate and create such beauty that the world can admire for years to come.

Give me a chance, let's make some magic happen!