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About Me

About 10 years of fashion photography experience including runway fashion shows from small boutique shows to big LFW shows.
My photographs have been published in mainstream and niche market media both nationally and internationally.

As a photographer I am a bit of a perfectionist. So often people are happy with my images when I am not - I am my own harshest critic.

I seem to have fallen into runway photography after shooting at many small off schedule shows. I do particularly enjoy runway photography and have achieved plenty of good shots from various runways but the difficulty I have with runway fashion shows is a difficulty getting my images out in a timely manner - particularly important given that runway photography has an element of news photography so the life of the images is very short lived and the first ones to press will be the ones used and remembered. So, even though I can often see that my images of some shows can be better than the ones that get published my photos often go unseen.

Recognising this as failing of mine I have more or less given up on mainstream runway fashion shows and am concentrating my time and efforts more on the other area of my fashion photography - namely organised photo shoots, both studio and location, where the timespans to get images out are days and not hours.

I am particularly keen on shooting on locations and balancing the available light with my own lighting. But I will still shoot under studio conditions when the needs are for simple plain backgrounds and the greater degree of controlling the light demands.

I am also interested in occasional small fashion shows in less formal settings than LFW where the pressure to get the images out within hours is not there.