About Me

Hi all!

I am a model working mainly in Europe and Asia. I started a few years ago and NEVER pose for free. I will answer only to serious people having well detailed projects. I meet easily with a real purpose.

I am really often travelling so don't hesitate to contact me even if I seem far. I am quite never! ;)

For more details: oliviasiate@live.fr

See you.


Now that I know the crowd, let me precise some details:

- I don't do skype.
- I don't exchange pictures (neither of my face, my dog).
- I don't "need" a photographer, you must be the one needing "a model".

Thank you.


03 Mar 15 08:59
Beautiful portfolio Olivia, great work. Have fun!
29 Jul 14 13:15
Nice work!
27 Nov 13 20:25
Thank you for FR, keep it up & all the best for you and your career..cheers
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