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About Me

I am a relatively new photographer i attend the Edna Manley Collage of Visual and Performing Arts pursuing a course in Photography. Photography is an integral part of my life, i love it with all of my existence therefore i put my all into my images. Photography to me is not just snapping a photo of a particular subject, photography is about feeling just as with other forms of art, i aspire for my images to instill a level of feeling and sensitivity in the viewers as such will allow them to feel the passion that i felt when capturing the image. I operate Metrix Photography which is a business entity that deals with most genres of photography. The motto of this business is derived from my love and belief in the effect of photography, it is not just to take a snap shot of a subject but to capture reality. Hence our Motto: "Capturing Reality". I found this website while reading a post on Digital Photography School's website and was instantly impressed by the variety of Jamaican models registered. I have done shoots for a beverage business providing them with product shots, i also have shot a musican, working to produce his album cover and i have done a number of landscape work and events. My goal is to become one of the best, Portrait, Boudior and Nude Art Photographers out of Jamaica. I truly have found that i have a great love for these genres and i hope that i will find interested models through this website. My reason for joining this website is so i can find beautiful models to satisfy my photographic endeavors.