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About Me

I am an Israeli business man with a rich record in the Israeli hi-tech industry. Among other things, I established in 1984, I am a partner in both EZLegacy, a market leader in application understanding and measurement, and a successful search engine Collarity.

At the beginning of last year I started to help a friend Lena Levterova to brand herself as a SEM professional in the Russian language and I am supporting her current activities.

Up to now, I have accomplished the following:

• Most major medical health companies in Israel were buying services from Lena Levterova Dot Com (website, online, contents and leads)
• I have developed a new lead-producing machine branded under the name of Dr. Tania Rydnyk. The new system makes use of advanced engagement software tools allowing me to analyze and better help my clients to compete in the market. Some of my web tools: MedVip (Limassol Cyprus) Israeli Medicine (Tel Aviv Israel) Net Oncology (Odessa Ukraine).
• I started an online activity from scratch for Amsalem Medical which is part of Amsalem Tours that has a turnover of $200 million, and am responsible for their online success.
• I received Yandex recognition for my capabilities and was granted a Yandex agency (the only one in Israel).