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About Me

I am a photographer based in Seattle USA and Rome Italy. I primarily do commercial and editorial photography with international design firms and ad agencies. Fashion is only a small part of my practice but I have shot with models from Ford, Elite, Icon, Mega, LA models, Seattle Models Guild, Muse, Heffner, Black and White, TCM, Faith, We, Lush, Zoe, The Model Group, Alpa Agency, Fashion Concept, Diego Rios Modelos, Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited, and many others. I have images published in North America, Europe and South America and have lived/worked in England, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and the US. I am available for commercial work at standard day rates and also offer affordable portfolio development for emerging / agency / veteran models. Please feel free contact me with your specific project needs.

That said, I have primarily joined this community as a means to test with local professionals. I am looking for interesting male and female models (fashion height and build) for editorial, beauty, and fashion driven personal projects. I am also happy to collaborate with talented MUA's, stylists, and designers where mutually beneficial.

If you are near downtown Seattle and have a relatively flexible schedule please introduce yourself. Sometimes I'm experimenting with new gear or ideas and need local folks to test with on short notice.


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