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About Me

Let me start by saying, I shoot a mix of non-nude to implied to nude, paid work. All photographs are strictly used for fine art purposes whether in digital or traditional art. This is for the ladies that would consider nude for fine art work. I've shot ladies that never modeled nude, because they liked my work and trusted my intentions. I'm not looking for the best nude models, rather models that would best inspire me. :-)

I would consider myself a fine artist and photographer. I love both equally, but my real passion is taking my photographs to the next level. I turn my photos into digital art, by combining multiple images and some imagination. Some will be oil paintings. Since my work is contemporary realism the transition is very natural. I'm hoping to meet models that will inspire my creativity in new and fascinating directions.
While many artists now do their paintings with a Wacom board, I still do it the old fashioned way, oil paints on wood panel. This is why I'm very selective with whom I work with. It's a painstakingly slow process and I love every minute of it. So if I call on you to model, please take it as a huge compliment. :-)
I think I'm fun to work with and i will try to make you laugh.

**PAID FOR NUDES: If you shoot nudes and don't post any, please send me any. Topless would be okay. I'd like to know what to expect.

RETOUCHING: I have years of high end Photoshop retouching experience in women's magazine publishing. So I'm available for any photo retouching you need done. My magazine credits include:
Women's World
First for Women
Soaps in Depth
Soap Opera update
and more

Please feel free to drop a tag or comment on any digital image you like, especially if you want to friend me. This will help me decide which image to paint next. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for viewing my port.

"The future of art is in a woman's face"
–Mick Davis
(screenwriter for the Film Modigliani)


read an interview I did here: … ore-graci/