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About Me

I am a photographer with an architecture background. My paid photography jobs are typically architectural project photography. I have had several images published in various publications. All that being said, I have ususally shied away from doing any fashion/model photgraphy, until recently. I am constantly being asked to provide portrait or model photgraphy, and have been increasingly interested in it the more I do. As I become more intrigued with using models, I continue to add to my studio equipment, as well. In addition, I have performed a few weddings in the past, although it is possibly my least favorite event to shoot.

So, I am open to any collaborative ideas for providing model/fashion photography. I maintain a list of ideas for various shoots, however my current visions are very specific, and only a certain type of model would work for each scenario. If you are interested in seeing more of my work, or have some ideas you've been wanting to try out, please feel free to contact me.