About Me

I am a Disc Jockey with a passion for Photography. I've done maternity, fashion, artists (singers, djs & rappers) photo shoots and looking to broaden my horizons. I love working with Local Talent (pros or amateurs) but I will rip flakers and fakes to shreds... Message me with your ideas. Visiting Jamaica?? The same is true, don't waste my time if you're not serious.

TFP is available but everything depends on schedule.


04 Feb 14 08:02
Love your stuff too. Thanks for the support.
03 Feb 14 18:21
Nice port!
22 Jan 14 14:12
Gorgeous port! Best of luck to you :)
22 Jan 14 11:37
Respect Ten love your work man good eye and knoe your camera man keep up the work it can't dunn
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