About Me

I'm approximately 160cm tall, 46kg. Age 21 this year.
Bust 30", waist 24", hips 30"

I have body tattoos, a small one on my hand, another at the back waist area, behind my ear, neck and one stretch across my back shoulder area.

Started modeling since November 2013. I'm a freelance model who do a few outdoor shoots by far.
I will appreciate a lot if I get more opportunity, in beauty shoots, causal outdoor shoots, theme based shoots, project based shoots, cosplay. It'll be great too if I can participate in events model, car babes, cosplay event, and beauty products!
*No nude, no lingerie shots.

Please email me at ferodineyeo12@hotmail.com for any enquiries or job offers (:
Or know more about me on Instagram @miniminiminyi


20 Feb 14 18:10
Gorgeous port! Keep it up!
27 Jan 14 23:21
Welcome to iStudio! Best of luck :)
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