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Modeling is a goal I strive towards. However, it is not my only goal. I am an island girl, for me to become the model I want to be would be amazing. I have only done a few small-time shoots so far, but I hope to get a little further in my career as a model. Coupled with my passion for modeling is my passion for Health & Fitness. I am also pursuing a career in Physical Therapy, I hope I can balance the two out! For now, I hope to find a way to further my modeling career. The photographers I have worked with so far have enjoyed my company as a model as well as a person & tell me that I am very easy to work with! If you enjoy my photos & would like to work with me, message me! Don't be shy now!


16 Feb 14 22:18
Hi Briana, Thank you FR, nice port :) & All the best for you...cheers
14 Feb 14 13:22
Aloha! Fantastic start on your portfolio! I sincerely hope I can help you build upon it in the near future! Best of luck with your goals!
14 Feb 14 13:21
Welcome to iStudio! Wishing you all the best.
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