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About Me

I have carried a camera since I turned 13 and love finding and exposing the best features of my subject. Photography of people is what I am all about. The engagement of subject and photographer is an exploration of personalities and passions which tend to influence each shoot.

I enjoy finding existing natural and architectural backdrops for my shoots so many of my engagements entail a hike. The rest of the time is spent shooting from the studio. I also have a creative center featuring printing, framing, book making, media publishing, and other art services. The combination of businesses keeps me connected with a number of other photographers that I am proud to promote and recommend.

While my lifestyle is supported by my portrait, and event photography, I am also interested in dedicating some of my time to experimental and artistic photography. Art and photography are my life, full time, so I am looking for work that is fulfilling and, on occassion (!), financially rewarding. Contact me if you have a concept for a shoot that you would like to try, I am usually up for a challenge.

I am in this trade becuase I love working with people. I will never profess to be the best or worst at what I do, but I will always provide an excellent experience and output for my clients.

My client base has developed from referrals, and your referrals are the best complement you can pay me.


Shoot fashion and editorial material for local rags on occassion. (And don't tell anyone, but sometimes I do the interview and write.) I am also involved in the development of several new print and web based publications.




Thanks for looking and sharing your feedback!



15 Jun 11 02:51
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