About Me

im a newbie here, and I'm a part time freelance model.

Optimistic && cheerful but never boring . surely you'll love ♥ my sense of humor and silliness :DD but at d same time I can be the most poised and controlled person at the crowd so they ended up thinking I'm a snob :( (swear, it might be I'm too reserved or I might just being uncomfortable if I'm surrounded w/ new people,cliques,circle,crew,mob,gang, whatever u name it . weird ? i know xD demure2x pra ibigin . kiddin^^ but yea , seriously its just the way I am) I treat people depending on how they treat me , ya know I ain't keeping a poker face its not my forte . I don't have a halo neither you! so don't expect me acting like one of those who had it. I treat frnds truly with loyalty . I'm a friend til d end , just be good . anywayzz people see you different than you view yourself and often clearer at times its consensus IKR ? . so I dont care teddy bear xD I enjoy life we only live once , carpe diem ! `chuuuus :))

My life , My choices , My problems , My mistakes, My lessons . Not your business , mind your own problems before you talk about mine .


- peach (:


26 Feb 14 19:10
Hi, welcome to istudio. we are ready to guide you get connect in modeling and photography industry. Please send your best thumb to our fans page: https://www.facebook.com/Istudio.official or follow us at :https://twitter.com/istudio_com
19 Feb 14 13:19
Welcome to iStudio! Lovely port so far... Wishing you all the best!
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