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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:122 lbs
Shoe Size:8
Hair Color:Other
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Blue
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
Join:16 Mar 2010
Last:6 May 2010

About Me

I have an extreme attraction to all things unordinary,unique, and avant garde. I am a hugely expressive person, I throw my entire energy and being into my work. I have no problems coming with my own ideas and concepts, but I can take direction if that is what is needed.

Body Mods: All my piercings can be taken out for shoots. I do not mind if you cover up my tattoos either : )
- 14g septum ring
- 2 shutter tattoos on upper back.

"You are awesome. Beautiful, creative, and fearless."-Kelli Kickham

Current Hair: Dark auburn with an undercut.

Other things to note:
- I have some training with some exotic animals (like snakes ^^)
- Can breathe/eat fire
- Can walk on 2ft stilts
- I can spike my hair up into a very large mohawk
- I am a trained performer (fine art and fetish).
- I know of a variety of different locations near where I live that we can shoot at
- I have a good sized wardrobe (some latex, victorian, etc).
- I am a photography major and have a thorough background in the visual arts.

Trade work: Currently I am only taking trade work when the work will benefit my portfolio. Meaning, work at least the level that is currently in my body of work. I am willing to trade for content for my upcoming website.

Travel & Booking.
(just because I have a specific date listed dosn't mean I am not available. I do not mind doing multiple shoots in one day. Just ask ):
23rd-14th : Shooting of They Walk
20-21st : Shooting of Crazed

11th : Baltimore , MD

22nd : Gaithersburg, MD

25th-27th- Dayton, OH
10-11pm Jill Liebisch
11-12 Epo
12-1 E Von Infection
1-2 JNH
3-4 Megan Gardner
5-6 Scott Slusher
7-8 Natalina Anna

3rd-5th: Horrorfind!



-CrimsonIvory: Martinsburg,West Va, and Inwood. (MM#:316374)
-Chelsea Wineteer: Chula Vista, Ca
-Bill Brittain : Harper's Ferry, West Va (MM#7980)
-Dale Younkin: Martinsburg,West Va (MM#165822)-Mutiple times.
-Timothy Lantz:Shippensburg, Pennsylvania (MM#1559)
-BrianWilsonPhotography: Cumberland, MD (MM#653337)
-Trisha Bowyers: Martinsburg, WV (MM#611470) -Multiple
-Johnny Sullivan/Action: Martinsburg, WV
-Ulrich Photography: Martinsburg,WV (MM#64963)
-MMk60: Martinsburg,WV (MM #291560)-Multiple
-BSCS Art Photography: Harrisonburg, MD (MM #369965)
-DG Photography: Martinsburg,WV
- Jstill : (MM# 2812)
-David Hilton (MM# 141887)
- AnselPixel (MM# 379148)
- SunArcher photography (mm#468926)
- Madame Black Photograph (mm#9025650)
- J Henry (mm#821205)
- EM Studios (MM# 637391)
-JohnnyB Photography (MM#119618)
-Keith Small (MM#1225837)
- Dogbone Alt Process (MM# 83821)
-KolinBliss (#138)
-Brian Burke (MM# 152142)
-Mickle Design Werks

Other Models:
-Sarah Catrow: MM#104611
-Raid : MM#408186
-LoLo: MM#652194
-ChelleFire MM#389
- Scarlet
- Lucuix luna mm#1043083
- Betty Jaded

- (mm# 630223)
- Scarlet Bliss
- TLG Clothing

-Verge Of Collapse band promo
-Lilysgraveyard Jewlery []
- Horror Asylum Sirens

( … ra_Housley)

- Firefly: Brown Coats Redemption (2009 Stand In)
- Food Fight (2009 Student Film) short
- And Then I Helped. Maggot films. (2009 Storm) feature
- Scarlet Rain. Gemini Star Productions(2009 Goth Girl) feature
- Plan 9 From Outer Space. Darkstone Entertainment (2009 Electrics: Best Boy) Trailer.
- Patient M . Digital 02 Productions (2009 Anna) Short.




19 May 10 18:33
Maura, If you need anything we are all here and if you are interested in contributing to our magazine, feel free to message me:
17 Mar 10 17:09
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