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San Francisco transplant and former photojournalist and commercial photographer (amongst other professions) with over twenty years experience has now become a glamour photographer/videographer (TFP-mostly) and licensed professional makeup artist (Von Lee-Balt. grad). There are three studios here and each has multiple shooting areas amongst many other upscale beautiful areas including a gorgeous mediterranean style pool area and club style studio with brass pole for glamour (all types), portfolio photography and professional videography. I work with top shelf technology in both my photo and video work. Recently completed training for becoming a certified television producer and presently working mostly on personal training (in cinematography) projects. I also provide makeup training/coaching, modeling skills for photography and much, much more. Having lived 10 years in Europe and worked for TV Guide-Europe for a while, I developed a sense of appreciation for the upscale female nude and Pin-Up style lingerie, so this is where I'm headed for my future work in a fun, friendly and safe environment. If you are interested in building a pic/video portfolio, doing pics/video for web or just for fun and OK with the type of images on my OMP page then feel free to contact me. A lot of work, time and money can go into a shoot from my end and since I'm not a budding photographer I will work on a fee basis (to me) if warranted but mostly it's TFP/CD. I prefer to work with just a few good people whose more concerned with personal growth in the "image business". It's more than enough to be focused with the model, her privacy and my security concerns for personal property and "snooping" that I don't allow escorts during my shoots. I'm really not that big on "one time shoots" anyway. Personal relations are the basis from which much is gained in this industry. Practicing good professional standards is key to gaining access and being given the freedom to be successful. Edited images and shared copyright (including travel expenses when it makes sense) are but a few of the benefits I offer. Sorry, but for me to pay, with what I have to offer can only border on insanity. It's just a matter of finding someone who's agenda matches yours, which works pretty good with OMP. You may be asked to call (by phone) since I am not that often at the computer and besides it's just good human courtesy and shows sincerity. Makeup of choice;(Joe Blascoe-the Hollywood standard-complete line). An awesome wardrobe and accessories are available. Contributing photographer in Carmelo Anthony's new book " It's Just The Beginning " amongst numerous other credits and awards. Member-PPA (Professional Photographers of America).<InvalidTag src=http://></script>