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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:117 lbs
Measurements:36-27-35 in
Shoe Size:6.5
Hair Color:Other
Hair Length:Bald
Eye Color:Hazel
Skin Color:White
Experience:Very Experienced
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
Join:28 Apr 2005
Last:4 Aug 2010

About Me


international fetish/bondage model & performer.

*note: I am bald. I change my hair regularly with wigs.*


I am currently booking 2008 dates.
-- -- -- --

*Jan 07-23, San Francisco

*Jan 30-Feb 05 Tokyo
*Feb 05-14 Cebu, Philippines
*Feb 14-18 Shanghai

*Feb 18-March 12 San Francosco (SF FetishBall).

*Mar 13-19, London
*Mar 19-27, Essen, DE (FetishEvolution).
*Mar 27-Apr 10, Vienna.
*Apr 10-22, London (london alternative fashion week, 21)
*Apr 23-28 Atlanta, GA (a night in japan)
*Aor 28-May 09, London (torture garden)
*May 09-15, Paris (nuit elastique)
*May 15-20, London.
*May 20-28, Vienna.
*May 28-Jun 03, London.
*Jun 03-11, San Francisco.
*Jun 11-24, Los Angeles.
*Jun 24-Jul 11, San Francisco.

*Jul 12-16, London.
*Jul 16-30, Vienna.
*Jul 30-Aug 6, London

*Aug 06-12, Montreal.
*Aug 12-21, Tampa, FL (FetishCon).
*Aug 21-29, Chicago.
*Aug 29-Sep 30, San Francisco.(folsom st fair)

*Sep 03-09, Oahu.

*Sep 30-Oct 07, London
*Oct 07-20, Vienna
*Oct 20-22, London

*Oct 22-Nov 12, San Francisco

*Nov 12-18, Christchurch, NZ (NZ FetishBall)
*Nov 18-23, Sydney, AU (Hellfire)
*Nov 23-28, Mackay/Airlie Beach (Diving Diving Diving!!!)
*Nov 28-Dec 3, Melbourne, AU (Hellfire Resurrection)
*Dec 3-6, Adelaide, AU

*Dec 6-Jan 12, San Francisco
*Jan 12, to London

i have worked and performed in numerous cities/countries. You might find me in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Honolulu, Denver, Chicago, Houston, New York, Atlanta, Tampa, Toronto, Montreal, London, Essen, Solingen, Frankfurt, Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Lille, Vienna, Brno, Geneva, Zurich, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Umeå, Malmo, Madrid, Milan, Bologna, Rome, Athens, Warsaw, Cebu, Tokyo, and others.
If I'm not in your area now, I might be someday soon!

Languages? English is my native language. I am fine in French and my German is constantly improving.


i am a life-style fetishist and a kink enthusiast with an extensive and ever-increasing, unique collection of latex clothing and shoes to stumble around in. I am available for other types of modeling but fetish work is what I excel at.

I will do TFP on occasion but that depends on the project. Unlike most models that take on fetish-modeling as a hobby, this is what i do for a living. And as much as I have a fetish for latex, I also have an enjoyment for keeping me well-fed and alive therefore, I need to be compensated for my work. If I'm not near by, travel needs to be handled as well.

I also do bondage work - mostly shibari influenced. I travel around the world to shoot and perform with some of the best riggers available. I am not afraid to work with new people, however I will stop a shoot if i feel that the rigger is not up to par. (I have been injured by substandard and incompetent bondage "masters").

Fetish VS. Porn? Fetish imagery is meant to be sexually charged, therefore it IS porn and adult in nature, regardless of the fact that model may be nude or not. Otherwise, it's just an attempt at shooting fashion that happens to include someone dressed up in "fetish gear". That said: yes, i do adult work, though i do not do hardcore shoots or pink spreads.


Again, I have quite a bit of latex if you're into shooting fetish-themed work, from fetish fashion to heavy rubber. Most girls might say they have an extensive fetish wardrobe but I add to mine every week. I have currently have items spread out between San Francisco, London, & Vienna.. Many of my pieces are quite unique as i design and make some of them myself so you won't be seeing them anywhere else ;-)

Here is my current list of latex:

me with no make up :


here's a selection...

The Beauty of Fetish vol 1(cover), The Beauty of Fetish vol 2, Tigerize-the photo art of tiger lee(cover), Black Rush, Blondes: Masterpieces of Erotic Photography, Derrieres, Femmes: Masterpieces of Erotic Photography, Legs, Lust Circus, Panties, Passion & Desire: An Erotic Showcase, Jade (uk), Fetish & Fashion (de), and more...
*NEW* Pervy Girls by Christine Kessler. Between the Two by Todd Hido. My Favorite Model (goliath press, images by eric martin)

Skin Two (cover), Marquis (cover), Heavy Rubber (de), Secret, Pozytyw (cover)(pl), Alufem (cover)(it), Blue (cover)(it), Gum (cover)(de), Photo (fr), PhotoVision, Elegy (fr), Schlagzeilen (de), Zoom (it), PodiumArt (lv), Tattoweir (de), Fetissi(fi), Fet-X(gr), Juxtapoz (erotica specials), Taboo (feature), Varla and more...

my designers:
I work for/represent a select number of latex companies by choice.
HWdesign.at (vienna)
VexClothing.com (chicago)
Syren.com (los angeles)
AtsukoKudo.com (london)
TortureGarden/TGclothing.com (london)

i've also worked with SavageWear.com (berlin), Libidex (london), Breathless(london), Demask (Amsterdam), NPNG (copenhagen), Honour (london), SoHipItHurts (sanFrancisco), Fierce Couture(los angeles), MadameS (sanFrancisco), PaulC (chicago), Puimond (losAngeles), NorthBoundLeather (toronto), AMFkorsets (losAngeles), ArtWithLatex(texas), Sinthetex (arizona), TomTo (berlin), Coeur Jolly (france), & others.

i work as a performance artist at various types of clubs & events. i regularly perform with TortureGarden (UK) and have worked with them at events in Los Angeles, Portland, Berlin, Rome, Tokyo, and of course, London. i usually do bondage themed shows and installations. Most recently I was invited to perform at DasArts in Amsterdam (School of Advance Performance Arts).

SOME photographers I have worked with...

LithiumPicnic (houston)

Los Angeles: Steve Diet Goedde, Christine Kessler, Kelly Lind, Ken Marcus, Stephen McClure, Brad Miller, Dave Naz, Ian Rath/FetishNation, Marla Rutherford, VenusWept/AllanAmato, Jim Weathers.

San Francisco: Charles Gatewood, Aaron Hawks, Eric Kroll, Craig Morey.

AT:Gerhard Aba, FetishLive/HWdesign, Stephen Doleschal.

DE: Peter Czernich, Wolfgang Eichler, Marcus Ewers, FrozenGlass, Roman Kasperski, Andreas Neubauer, Martin Pelzer, Jana S, Gili Shani

DK:Eric Hansen-Hansen.

FR:MaximeAvet, Gilles Berquet, Eric Martin, Christophe Mourthe, Thomas Rusch(FR/DE), Andre Sanchez, Leon Saperstein(US)

Tony Ward(NL/US)

Philippines: Mick Gleissner, Stephan Pramme (de)

SE: Daniel Knutsen (Umeå), Elin Marklund (Umeå), Senze (Malmö), Elin Strigå (Stockholm)

UK: David Hindley, James and James, Anton Pavlov, Dorlaba Picerno, Ben Westwood


26 Jul 11 20:32
You are amazinnnggg! :>
02 Mar 10 11:02
I LOVE your style!!!! You definitely have Attitude, and you wear it very well! THIS is what Real modeling is about darlin. Your port is fabulous, edgy, and you completely nailed every image!
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