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I'm essentially an amateur photographer but I've been doing it seriously for over 25 years. I love all kinds of photography, raging from architecture to candids. I'm not a big fan of studio shoots although I did spend a lot of time in the 90s doing the circuit of London glamour studios and photographing most of the then famous page three girls and softporn glamour models. More recently I've become a bit more arty and enjoy cutting-edge fashion, candid gritty everyday life shots and travel photography. I'm here to find models of any age or experience to do fashion related urban shoots. A sexy girl drinking a mug of tea is right up my street.
I'm based in Spain but have a UK address near Blackpool and wouldlove to hear from models or studios who want to try some cutting edge scenes and art based photoshoots.


07 Apr 14 14:55
Amazing port!
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