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About Me

I am done with college and am now shooting full time. I have recently relocated to Petoskey (actually about 8 miles north of it) and opened a studio.

TFP is very limited, I've got bills to pay, too. I'm not going to say I won't do TFP, because if I have a hole in my schedule, I might take it up, but I will only do so if it is something that will greatly benefit my portfolio, and you have a unique idea.

My rates are very reasonable, and finished image sets start as low as $100.

I create photographs for a living, I do not pay anyone to take photographs. If a model I photograph draws a paycheck, it is coming from my client, not me. Photographers don't pay models, commercial clients and dirty old men with cameras do.
I don't care how hot you are, I'm not going to give you a dime.

On the subject of escorts...

I keep going back and forth on this issue....
If you are a minor, I require one. If you are not, I might tolerate one. Having said that, if you have an insecure boyfriend, you might want to find another photographer. I'm not going to hit on you, but I won't stand for any monkeyshines from a boyfriend who thinks I am.
If you're concerned for your safety, I can give you contact information for models with whom I have worked in the past.

If we schedule a shoot, I'll be there, and will expect you to be there as well. I understand that the only thing predictable about life is that it is unpredictable. So, if life gets in the way and we need to reschedule, that is okay...I am a flexible person, but I expect the courtesy of a phone call as early as possible, and I will do the same. If I don't get that courtesy, don't expect me to reschedule. I consider my time to be valuable, and I hate to waste it. If you flake on me, you might as well loose my phone number because I will not give you a second opportunity to waste my time.

So, if I haven't managed to run you off, and you're still interested, feel free to contact me and lets talk about where your interests lie.
You can contact me here on MM, or you can call the studio 231.548.1303

Pet Peeves:

1. Photographers who photograph Model Mayhem Models and fail to credit them in their photos. C'mon guys, she scratched your back...scratch hers, too.

2. Photographers who photograph models with guns. Actually, this in and of itself is not a pet peeve. Girls with guns are hot. Played out, but still hot nonetheless. Guys, if you're gonna put a gun in a model's hand, and he/she isn't a shooter, teach him/her how to hold the damned thing. If you're clueless yourself, find someone who isn't.

3. This one isn't so much a pet peeve, but more of a source of humor. Models who say "no nudes, or anything distasteful," yet when you look at their portfolio, there is either a nude or shots of them in their skivies in a pose that makes them look more scandalous and distasteful than any of the fine art nude work I've seen posted on this site. If you're going to sell your morals, fine...update your profile, too. Otherwise, you look foolish.


May 2009 Best of Black & White/Alternative Process Photography, Student Art Show, Kellogg Community College
June 2008 Honorable Mention - Michigan Photo Competition, Art Center of Battle Creek, Michigan
May 2008 - Best of Digital Photography, Student Art Show, Kellogg Community College
May 2008 - Best of Alternative Process Photography, Student Art Show, Kellogg Community College
Spring 2008 - Mosaic
Detroiter Magazine - Nov 2007, Jan 2008, March 2008 (cover)
47th Annual Greater Michigan Art Exhibition - Alfred B Dow Museum of Science and Art - Midland, Michigan
5th Place - 2007 West Michigan Art Show - Kalamazoo Institute of Arts
Spring 2007 Mosaic - Literary & Art Publication of KCC
"Best of" award - Traditional B&W Photography - 2007 Kellogg Community College Student Art Show
"Honorable Mention" - Digital Imaging/Color Photography - 2007 Kellogg Community College Student Art Show