About Me

I am another artist in search of talent to collaborate in the immense field of creativity.
I always prefer to test shoot with the model or beginning model to get a feel for eachother's work style and from there obtain a more thorough idea of more ellaborate concept idea to shoot for.

I truly believe that a photoshoot should definetely be handled professionally and respectfully, but you need to sprinkle some fun and relaxation to make it more adventurous and comfortable for all parties involved.

If I friend request you is mainly because I admire your work
If I message you, is because Id like to get a chance to capture you on my lens.
If I may sound too friendly, is because I really want to work with you and my team is also excited to work with you, not because I want to get in your pants.
I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT PERSONAL LIFE should not be part of this site, unless all parties become friends and establish a colleague relationship because everyone is on the same page and get along just fine.

Other than that, I;m all about creating great images and always expecting that everyone is at their best 100% on the day of shoot.

We all become a small team that gets together to collaborate and make art. Everyone is an asset and a contributor.


14 May 14 17:57
Amazing port!
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