James Leonard
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About Me

An Englishman living in paradise. Have experience with stage acting, dance, stunt work, and some independent film.
Want to meet people to expand my art with photography and performance, and work together with any projects.
Am always excited and willing to try new ideas and bring the art of performance and photography to new levels.
Available for print, voice-over (many accents), stage, film, fashion, and willing to try anything that sounds exciting.

I grew up in Houston, Texas and presently living here Las Vegas, Neveda and can't see myself living anywhere else. I split my time working in IT in San Francisco (like everyone else) and building a budding hospitality property in the wine country to the north. And brewing my own hoppy beer and thus never losing that last stone.

Both photographers and models have noted a few aesthetic and personal attributes of mine that can be commercially valuable. I don't sell my "body" in my modeling as much as my "look" and my sexuality - you won't find a washboard core or trunk-like biceps or a massive flaccid member. What I can offer is confident comfort in my own (extensively decorated) skin, and a lighthearted enjoyment with sharing the peculiarities of the human body with the like-minded. And a huge dose of exhibitionism (besides, it's much more fun than scripting SQL).


I'll read any solicitations or suggestions sent through MM, but I'm most likely to be interested in those with income or "free shit" potential (travel, clothes, tattoos, etc). As I have a full-time day job, flexible scheduling and a good penchant for planning ahead will also make a meeting more likely.